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一般 2017-2018年度幼小銜接活動報名表


一般 追思彌撒將於2019年4月1日(一)晚上8時在聖文德堂舉行。 (地址:九龍慈雲山蒲崗村道89號) 詳情請按上方標題觀看

金錢以外 《方濟祝您:好人好姐,早上好!》

一般 聖方濟曾以「好人好姐,早上好!」去祝福人,伍維烈修士與我們分享如何在生活中實踐方濟靈修,以延續聖人的祝福。詳情請按上方連結觀看

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STEP 2018 Canada Culture and English Summer Camp

At Thompson Rivers University

Day 1  23rd June, 2018 (Saturday)

In the morning, our P5 students and their parents arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport at 9:30am. After 12 hours of flight, our students arrived in Vancouver and then got on a coach with a four-hour ride to Kamloops. They arrived at Thompson Rivers University at 4:30pm and their homestay families came to pick up the students.

Day 2  24th June, 2018 (Sunday)

Students stayed with their homestays today.

Day 3  25th June, 2018(Monday)

It is the first day of school for the students. In the morning, they introduced themselves to each other and they talked about their interests. Students then took a big group photo and had their lunch. In the afternoon, the students had a campus tour and completed their crossword puzzles. At the end of the day, students wrote their reflections in their camp booklets.

Day 4  26th June, 2018 (Tuesday)

Students had an English lesson in the morning to learn about science. They learnt new words related to science and also names of some insects. In the afternoon, they went to the BIG Little Science Centre. When they reached the Science Centre, they were given a bucket of water with water insects inside. The students had to find the different species of water insects. At the end of the day, students get to explore and play with different science materials in the games room.

Day 5  27th June, 2018 (Wednesday)

Students had their English lesson in the morning to learn about words related to Canada and kayaking. In the afternoon, they went to Downtown Kamloops to visit the Kamloops Museum and Archives. At the end of the field trip, they visited an ice-cream shop called ‘Scoopz’ to get a cup of ice-cream each.

Day 6  28th June, 2018 (Thursday)

Students went kayaking at the Northern Barriere Lake Resort. They kayaked for around an hour and then had lunch and played ball games or on the swings.

Day 7  29th June, 2018 (Friday)

Students had their English lessons in the classroom in the morning. At lunch, students celebrated Emily’s birthday. They all sang the birthday song for Emily and had two birthday cakes. In the afternoon, two indigenous people in Canada came to teach students how to make their own dreamcatchers.

Day 8  30th June, 2018 (Saturday)

In the morning, students went to the Atlantis Waterpark and played there for four hours. They had so much fun at the waterpark even though the weather was cloudy and the temperature was quite cool. In the afternoon, students went to the U-pick orchard to pick cherries of their own. Most of our students picked and bought cherries as they planned to share the cherries with their homestay families.

Day 9  1st July, 2018 (Sunday)

Today is Canada Day, students went to the Riverside Park in the morning to celebrate Canada Day. They watched a parade, the opening ceremony and they walked around the park to look at the booths in the park. However, it started to rain heavily and some students forgot to bring their umbrellas so they got wet. We then walked to a dollar store so that students could buy souvenirs for their family and friends. Students were excited about shopping at the dollar store!

Day 10  2nd July, 2018 (Monday)

It is a statutory holiday for Canada Day. Students stay with their homestays and do not have to come to school.

Day 11  3rd July, 2018 (Tuesday)

In the morning, students had an English lesson to learn new words about animals and movie as they will be watching a movie in the evening. After lunch, students set off for the BC Wildlife Park Kamloops to look at the animals. They enjoyed the train ride tour at the park. In the evening, students watched the movie, Pocahontas at the university.

Day 12  4th July, 2018 (Wednesday)

Today is the last day of school for the students. Students learnt some more facts about Canada and did their presentations in front of everyone. At the end of the day, everyone got their certificates and took pictures with each other to mark the end of the English summer camp in Kamloops.

Day 13  5th July, 2018 (Thursday)

Students got on the coach at 8:45am and headed back to Vancouver. In between, they had lunch at a Chinese Restaurant in Chilliwack. In Vancouver, students visited the Gastown, Stanley Park and Granville Island where they bought souvenirs, took pictures and had dinner. At the end of the day, students stayed at the Travelodge Hotel in Richmond.

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