English Writers’ Conference

Well done boys and girls for having your writing being published here. If you do not see your work here this year, read other people’s work and learn from them. Follow these simple steps and be inspired to write:



  1. See yourself as an author: put in your best effort whenever you write.
  2. Read more to learn more from others: read more narrative text to tap into your imaginative side.
  3. Writing feedback from teachers: read the teacher’s feedback and learn from your mistakes.
  4. It is okay to make mistakes: first draft should always focus on the follow of ideas, so you must remember to proofread your work to see if you have made any mistakes.
  5. Don’t be shy to share your work with others: given an opportunity, this should be a proud moment for you to celebrate what you have achieved with others.


2AN Cheng Cheuk Yin, Maxton (04)

2AN Ko Tsz Ching, Hebe (07)

2BR Lam Ching Shun, Horace (10)

2BR Ng Tsz Kan, Iris (15)

2CL Lam Man Him, Anson (07)

2CL Yeung Yan Wing, Yannas (20)

2DS Chan Ho Yau, Yumi (05)

2DS Lam Chun To, Toto (12)

2DS Lau Hoi Ching, Jane (14)

2DS Lee Yui Yin, Anna (17)

2EL Ho Sum Yi, Claire (05)

2EL Shek Ching Hei, Owen (25)

2EL Tang Ching Hei, Hayden (28)

2EL Wong Hau Ying, Trinity (30)