Objectives of the development plan of e-learning:

  1. To promote the learning interests and self-learning abilities of the students through e-learning;
  2. To elevate the effectiveness of teaching and learning the vantage of catering for the individual differences of the students;
  3. To construct a stable learning environment and computer facility that can be used for the whole school at the same time.

In order to enhance the effectiveness of e-learning, our school now has two computer rooms and a computer-built "Dream Maker Lab". Students are encouraged to bring their own tablets to school. Our school also has a number of laptops and tablets for students to borrow.  


When the hardware is ready, the school has recently developed school-based online learning platform to reduce its reliance on textbooks. The school's online self-learning platforms are diversified, from the early e-Class, Welnet, to the current Google Classroom. Different e-learning tools such as Kahoot!, Nearpod, Padlet and other teaching apps are also used to complement the lessons.

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