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Establishment Aims

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1. to provide a creative platform for students to be creative and express their own ideas

2. to teach the students to use media and information technology, learn about society and explore the world

3. to cultivate students' self-learning ability, sense of responsibility, empathy and team spirit

4. to publicize, through the production of different television programmes, the cultivation directions of the subjects of the school


Campus TV is our largest information delivery platform. Information delivered includes school morning assembly, information presentation, school-wide events publicity and profile or and learning outcomes sharing. Teachers and students can get the latest news directly through Campus TV. Its daily operation relies on a professionally trained media production team. There are three different Campus TV teams. They are " Bonaventure TV people", "Bonaventure Reporters " and "Bonaventure Animators". And the teams are a combination of different abilities of students, through professional film and television production training, constant practice and application, achieve the purpose of serving teachers and students.











To ensure everyday operation of the Campus TV, we appoint 4 students of P.6 as directors and assistant directors. Through responsibilities, they can become more reliable people.

"TV people" workshop adopts apprenticeship. Current members be the mentors while the newcomers be the mentees. The peer learning experience creates positive effects.






















2015-2016 Chinese History Animation Competition organized by Education Bureau and IFUTURE Education Association - Champion (Primary School Section)


Lo Hoi Shing, Lee Sheung Lam, Yeung Man Yat





2015-2016 "Light Pollution Video Competition 2015-16" jointly organized by the University of Hong Kong (HKU), the Hong Kong Space Museum, the Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen), and the Office of Astronomy Outreach, International Astronomical Union - First Runner-up

Title of Work:「Firefly Missing

Ng Wing Tung, Chu Yin Shan, Chau Ka Yiu, Law Hei Wo, Kung Chin Ho





2015-2016 Creative Short Film Competition organized by HKFYG KFIT and M21 - Best Script, Best Editing

Title of Work:「Saving Light Bulbs

Ko Tsz Wing, Choi Tin Yin, Lau Hin Tung, Li Tsz Chun, Chin See Wai, Wong Long Him, Wong Cheuk Yiu





2015-2016 Primary School Student News Video Competition organized by MegaBox and Ocean Park - Champion

Title of Work: Where Is The Deer?

Sze Ching Ching, Wong Chi Yan, Woo Hoi Hang, Chan Kit Shuen, Chin See Wai, Chan Lok Ngai





2014-2015 The 10th Media education organized by eTVonline of RTHK: Anti Gambling - Champion (Primary School Video Section), The Most Popular Video and The Best Anchor

Title of Work: The News Analysis

Lo Lok Yan, Cheng Hei Yan, Yeung Kong Wai, Li Kam Ting, Yuen Hei Tung, Yu Ching Yan





2014-2015 The 18th Ming Pao "Inter School Reporting Competition" - Champion (Senior Primary School Section)

Title of Work: Ask for Blessings – Lot traditions of Wong Tai Sin

Li Kam Ting, Chin See Wai, Wong Wing Yan, Choi Tin Yin, Yu Ching Yan



*Some student representatives in Pic 3


2014-2015 Safe Chemicals Video Competition 2014 organized by Occupational Safety and Health Council - 2nd Runner up (Primary School Video Section)

Title of Work: Death of a Flower

Wong Cheuk Yiu, Chung Wai Yan, Chin See Wai, Chan Hin Ting, Wong Long Him, Li Tsz Chun





2013-2014 'Waste No Food' MV Competition organized by Friends of the Earth - Champion (Primary School Section)

Title of Work: Rice, Rice

Kwok Hok Hin, Law Tse Yau, Kwok Chi Wai, Lam Long Kit, Lai Kin Long, Sung Wai Man, Lau Ka Kwan





2013-2014 The 9th Media education organized by eTVonline of RTHK: Family Love – 1st Runner Up (Primary School Article Section), The Best Design

Title of Work: Harmony Across Generations

Law Tse Yau, Chou Bo Foo, Sung Wai Man, Ng Siu Fong, Yu Ching Yan, Kwok Chi Wai





2012-2013 The 16th Ming Pao "Inter School Reporting Competition" – 1st Runner Up (Senior Primary School Section)

Title of Work: Seeing Reflection in Mirror; Being Objective in Things

Yiu See Kei, Yeung Kit Lai, Lee Yuk Bik, Cheng Ka Nin





2011-2012 The 15th Ming Pao "Inter School Reporting Competition" - Champion (Senior Primary School Section)

Title of Work: Leaving Home for Reunion

Chan Si Wai, Wan Hei Sin, Leung Yuen Ying, Lee Wing Yan, Cho Sum Yu



2011-2012 Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau, Education Bureau's "Get to Know the Basic Law in Hong Kong, the secondary and primary students ‘ Short Film Competition" Higher grade team championship.

Title of Work: ‘Basic Law and You'

Lee Wing Yan(6E)、Chan Sei Wai(6E)、Wun Hei Sin(6E)、Jau Sum Yue(6E)、Leung Yun Ying(6E)





2010-2011 Hong Kong Speech and Swallowing Treatment Center sponsored "Little Anchor " competition - First Runner Up

Title of Work: A Close Look To The Environment - Use of Solar Energy 

Wun Hei Sin(5E)、Jau Sum Yue(5E)、Chan Sei Wei(5E)





2010-2011 Ming Pao "Inter School Reporting Competition" - a high group (Merit)

Title of Work: "Clean line becomes a regional anti-drug platform, Home and school cooperate for a drug-free campus."

Lee Lai Ying(6D)、Lok Ching Yan(6D)




2010-2011 Event organized by Radio Television Hong Kong. "Be a Happy, non-gamble person " video promotion competition - Primary (Merit)

Title of Work: "Gamble lose love, lose children"

Wun Hei Sin(5E)、Chan Hiu Long(6B)、Gong Hin Jun(6C)




2010-2011 "Stimulate low-carbon power" video competition - Primary (Merit)

Organized by the Environmental Campaign Committee

Title of Work: "Low Carbon commando"

Jau Sum Yue(5E)、Leung Yuen Ying(5E)、Deng Ho Chong(5D)、Liu Wing Yi(5D)、Wong Bo Yin(4E)




2009-2010 Civic Education Committee organized "Basic video production and Poster Design Competition 2009" - Elementary Champion, Best Screenplay (regardless of category) and Best Actor (regardless of category)

Title of Work: "The Basic Law Ambassadors - Electoral Chaos"