School Crest & Anthem


About Our School Crest


The construct of our school crest consists of three main parts: the cross (assumed and represented by a ‘T'), cross hands, and the book.  Their meanings are as follows:


The ‘T' shaped cross is the mark of salvation according to the Bible.  Since our founder, St. Francis, was captivated by the cross, it became one of the many symbols representing the Franciscans.  Placing the cross on top of the universe symbolises God's salvation, giving warmth and light.  The cross also represents our missions and objectives as educators: our Lord Jesus loves and delivered to us.  Thus, we are willing to deliver ourselves today for others to learn the truth.


The "cross hands" is another sign of Franciscan, it represents the stigmata of Jesus Christ during his crucifixion.  Since our founder, St. Francis, adhered closely to the spirit and teachings of love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, he was graced with the 5 stigmata 2 years prior to his death.  He consistently reminds and encourages us to be persistent in the teaching of love and to walk together alongside with our students on their difficult and winding paths.


The "book" clearly points out that a school is a place where one sought knowledge. The engraving on the book represents the Latin meaning of "ubi Humilitas Ibi Sapientia" which translates to "Where there is humility, there is wisdom".  It is to remind us to learn from our patron, St. Bonaventure, who learned with humility and achieve wisdom – to the perfection of our Lord.


School Song