Vision & Mission Statement


The School Motto: "Ubi Humilitas, Ibi Sapientia" (謙誠智慧)


Our school was founded by the Order of Friars Minor. The Latin original of our school motto, "Ubi Humilitas, lbi Sapientia" meaning where there is humility, there is wisdom', originates from our Patron, St Bonaventure. It expressed that following the spirit of the founder of OFM, St. Francis, he sought for knowledge and spirituality before God and in front of people with humility and sincerity. The Chinese version of our school motto summarizes the Latin original into two main points: humility and sincerity, and wisdom, aiming at disciplining and encouraging our students to learn from St Bonaventure.


The Bible teaches us that true wisdom lies in respecting our Lord because from this people realize a modest and sincere attitude that ‘Behind a world, there are always other worlds and behind an able man there are always other able men'. They will not be complacent but accept others' teaching humilately and work hard to make progress. With gratitude, they will also work for the well-being of people and contribute themselves to society with the knowledge and skills learnt. Our school stresses on cultivating the moral character of our students, earnestly hoping them to be equipped with both knowledge and morality and to seek wisdom with humility and sincerity.


Education Mission


We strive to create a happy environment, promoting our students to grow up in wisdom with an attitude of humility and sincerity.