Brief introduction of the curriculum in our school


The curriculum stresses on the development of:

  • the use of ‘two languages three dialects' flexibly and strengthening their reading ability;
  • elevating their ability to express themselves and to communicate with others, and  to think critically and creatively;
  • enhancing their ability to utilise information technology;
  • promoting a healthier life;
  • learning how to love themselves and care for others;
  • environmental awareness: to protect the environment, love Earth and treasure its resources.


  1. Use different strategies to enhance students' interest and motivation in learning.
  2. Strengthen students' learning and life experiences and cultivate positive values.


School Forci:



Curriclum Development

  1. Use different e-learning platforms and trendy teaching models to enhance students' self-learning effectiveness.
  2. Use the game mode to enable students to learn independently, invest, and effectively.
  3. Promote reading programs to develop students' habit of pursuing knowledge.
  4. Integrate the core values of Catholicism into the curriculum.
  5. Encourage students to establish goals and meet the reality, purity, and beauty.


School-based curriculum

  • Dream Maker: Tsinghua University CAME curriculum
  • Chinese thematic teaching
  • English School-based reading Programme
  • Mathematical Olympiad
  • ‘One Person One Chess Skill'  Scheme
  • Drama in Education
  • Reading Aloud Curriculum for P.1 & P. 2
  • ‘File for Learning Experience' in music and Visual Arts
  • ‘Physical Fitness School-based Curriculum' in Physical education
  • The curriculum of ‘Love and Life' in Ethics and Religious Studies
  • Education for Environmental Conservation
  • Life Education
  • Life-wide Learning—Extra-curricular Activities, Service-learning, Cross Boundary Learning, Gifted Education