P.1 Admission

The Timetable



The Schedule

4-27 September, 2019


Parents obtain a P.1 Admission Application Form.
(Available in the kindergarten, kindergarten-cum-child care centre the child is attending, District Offices and Sub-offices [Public Enquiry Service Centres] under Home Affairs Department, and the School Places Allocation Section or the Regional Education Offices of the Education Bureau)

23-27 September, 2019


Parents submit the P.1 Admission Application Form(Our school's registration code : 514004)

[Please submit the P.1 Admission Application Form to our school DIRECTLY.]

18 November, 2019

Our school releases the discretionary places admission results.

20,21,22 November, 2019

Successful applicants register with our school.

22 November, 2019

Applicants on the waiting list register with our school. (To fill the vacancies left by the first-string successful applicants who fail to register on time)

18,19 January,2020

Parents whose child has not been offered a discretionary place go to a specified central allocation centre to make choices of schools for their child.

6,7 June,2020

Results of the central allocation will be released.

9,10 June,2020

Parents whose child is offered a centrally allocated place register their child with the allocated school.