P.1 Admission

The Timetable



The Schedule

5-30 September, 2018


1-2 October,2018

Parents obtain a P.1 Admission Application Form.
(Available in the kindergarten, kindergarten-cum-child care centre the child is attending, District Offices and Sub-offices [Public Enquiry Service Centres] under Home Affairs Department, and the School Places Allocation Section or the Regional Education Offices of the Education Bureau)

24,26,27,28 September, 2018


2 October,2018

(Except Saturday,Sunday and Public Holiday)

Parents submit the P.1 Admission Application Form(Our school's registration code : 514004)

[Please submit the P.1 Admission Application Form to our school DIRECTLY.]

26 November, 2018

Our school releases the discretionary places admission results.

28,29 November, 2018

Successful applicants register with our school.

3 December, 2018

Applicants on the waiting list register with our school. (To fill the vacancies left by the first-string successful applicants who fail to register on time)

26,27 January,2019

Parents whose child has not been offered a discretionary place go to a specified central allocation centre to make choices of schools for their child.

1,2 June,2019

Results of the central allocation will be released.

4,5 June,2019

Parents whose child is offered a centrally allocated place register their child with the allocated school.